Luka Tiha (Hvar) – Milna (Brač)

It was a cold night, very cold. We used all blankets on the boat. Inland, there is snow in the mountains. First snow comes early this year. The northerly winds carry some of that cold to the coast. Fortunately, with the sun climbing above the mountains, a comfortable temperature returns rapidly. One advantage: early morning, the seawater temperature (20 degrees C) is better than air, making it easier to jump in. We spend some time snorkelling before breakfast, enjoying the large schools of small fish.

We take it easy that morning. Around noon, we clean up the boat, take in the mooring lines, take the dinghy on board and lift the anchor. There is a light wind from N to NW directions. We hoist our sails while still in the bay, and with just one tack we sail out through Starogradski Zaljev and into the Hvarski Kanal. The wind changes constantly between N and W, varying between 5 and 15 knots.

Using the wind, we enter the Splitska Vrata in a nice curve. As soon as we reach the northern side of this channel the wind just disappears completely. Splitska Vrata is notorious for this phenomenon: totally different circumstances on either side of the channel. After some waiting to see whether the wind returns we start the engine and enter Milna bay. At around 16:00 we take a berth in a quiet corner of ACI Marina Milna. During the following hours the marina (which includes a large part of the village quay) gets completely filled up with charter yachts in all shapes and (mainly large) sizes.