Luka Tiha – Stari Grad – Luka Tiha (Hvar)

In the morning we move to Stari Grad – after lifting 20 meters of anchor chain and the anchor itself by hand. In town, we take a mooring on the quay. With some effort, the controlbox gets replaced. We have a working anchor winch again.

During the morning, the weather prognosis predicts a strong Bura that will start later during the day. Indeed, while we are having pizza for lunch in one of the small restaurants along the quay the Bura starts blowing, becoming notably stronger within minutes.

Soon, the harbour starts filling up with ships looking for a safe haven. For us, the Bura is a reason to leave the harbour as soon as possible. While the Bura reaches 25 knots we drop our lines. Using our genoa we sail back to Uvala Tiha. There, we moor the ship solid on its anchor and the two mooring lines stern to shore. Late that afternoon, the Bura diminishes. A skipper we know from years back visits us from one of the other boats in the bay for a talk and some beer. For the rest, it is a quiet evening.