Barcolana 2003 Route

It was quite a trip, sailing from Split all the way up to Trieste in the most northern part of the Adriatic Sea and back again. A map with our route can be found below.

Mali Lošinj – Rovinj

Wednesday 8 October we continued towards Rovinj in Istria. It was a heavy day, with winds up to 30 knots. Near the evening it got quieter, which enabled me to take a beautiful sunset picture. If anybody asks me what sailing is all about: it’s moments like this!

Luckily we found a place in ACI Marina in Rovinj, which allowed our first shower in three days. I love sailing, but I like my regular shower as well… It was still quite busy here for after-season.

Kaprije – Mali Lošinj

Early morning, we go to the only café to be found here that opens its doors outside the tourist season. Turkish coffee is all you get, but that is great for waking up. Most houses here are closed up – they look like holiday homes to me.

After coffee, we continue towards the north-west. The wind is south-east (Jugo), and increases during the day from 15 knots to 30 knots. Having the wind in our back, the weather is perfect for our large spinnaker. We keep it running for most of the day.

We cover a large distance today, approximately 75 nautical miles in 11 hours. It is already dark when we approach Mali Lošinj. The harbour entrance can be quite tricky to find after dark.