Pomena – Korčula

After yesterday’s battle, we take it easy today. We have a sunny morning, which has not been that common during this trip… Around 13:00 we lift anchor, and sail for Korčula. The wind, 15 knots from north-westerly directions, is ideal for our course of 330˚, and we make a steady 7 knots plus. The gap between Mljet and Korčula is bridged in a bit over two hours. The wind still tries to trick us around the little islands which are situated NE of Korčula, but around 16:00 we reach the harbour.

Here it becomes obvious that the season has really started. The Marina fills up completely, and there are various ‘near-accidents’ while mooring. While talking to one of the ACI-staff members, he comments ‘We treat every arrival as a potential accident’. That is one way to look at things… In this harbour we also find one of the trainings ships from Ultra Sailing. A nice chance to have a beer and catch up with the instructor, with whom we sailed a couple of years back.