Korčula – Vinogradisce (Sveti Klement)

In the morning, we stow a load of fresh cookies from Cukarin on our ship…. Then it’s off in NW direction through the Peljeski Kanal. The wind is varying between SE and NE, so it’s great for ‘butterflying’. Around us, there is a couple of dozens of yachts on the same course, which gives a great view (despite the dark weather).

Our plan was to sail to Šćedro, and anchor in the bay on the northern side of this island (Lovišće). But progress is good, so we continue to Sveti Klement to anchor in Palmižana Cove.

Around 15:00 the wind dies down again, so in comes the ‘iron sail’. That happened just a little too often during this trip. Around us, the weather is dark and gloomy, with low clouds and drizzle. It looks like the UK or Ireland, not like the (normally) sunny Adriatic! Around 18:00, it is ‘anchor down’ in Palmižana Cove, where we find some 15 other yachts.