Korčula – Tri Luke (Korčula)

Around 10:30 we leave the harbour and motor along the coast between the islands towards Lumbarda and the SE point of Korčula. Near Lumbarda we hoist the sails in a NW wind (5 – 8 knots). We sail around the cape Rat Ražnjić, and head west along the southern coast of the island Korčula.

Around noon, the wind increases to 12 knots. We tack with long runs in the channel between the islands of Lastovo and Korčula. During the afternoon, the wind increases even more, first to 16 – 18 knots (wind 5) and later to 20 – 24 knots (wind 6 Beaufort). Perfect sailing conditions! Our ship is holding well, running through those high waves. Occasionally we catch some water in our cockpit.

The south coast of Korčula is beautifully wild and virtually uninhabited. We pass a few small villages, the rest is wild and empty. We are clearly outside the normal sailing routes, because we do not meet any other yacht.

By 18:30 we enter the bay Tri Luke. It is situated on the SW side of the island of Korčula. The bay is protected by the islands Trstenik, Pržnjak Mali and Veli Pržnjak. Because of this, it offers a well protected anchorage in almost all types of wind. With our minimal draft, we can go deep into this bay, and we moor in the most northern part of the bay. Around us there are 10 other yachts in this bay.

That night we have a unique experience. For the first time in all my years as a sailor, I am lying in a bay where every ship has an anchor light. And around 21:00 that evening we have a late-night swim in the dark, to cool down after the warm day. Swimming in the moonlight, followed by another glass of wine, and another good night of sleep is guaranteed.