Korčula – Luka Polace (Mljet)

This morning we have an important action point on our agenda. Fetching cookies at Cukarin, the place where they bake the best cookies that we found so far along the Croatian coast. We buy some big boxes for ‘along the road’. Around 11:00 we leave the harbour. The wind is south-easterly, 8 – 10 knots. We sail along the string of small islands east of Korčula in a southerly direction. After rounding Rat Ražnjić, the south-easterly point of Korčula, we sail into Uvala Pržina around 13:00 CET. It is a beautiful bay with a sandy beach on the southern side of the island. We anchor here for a few hours, to enjoy the sun and the sea. The bay is completely open to the wind, which has turned to south-west by now. Fortunately the swell is relatively easy, and the anchoring is good.

Around 15:00 CET we lift anchor and hoist the sails. We leave the bay in a south-south-easterly direction (course 120) aiming for the northern coast of Mljet. The wind is still south-westerly, 10 – 12 knots. Ideal sailing conditions!

One hour later we are joined by dolphins again. Never did we see as many dolphins as we saw this year – we might even get used to it. Around 16:30 CET we reach the island of Mljet. We sail further to the south-east, and pick the most westerly entrance of Luka Polace. This is a wonderful and well-protected bay, with lots of space and high hills that will protect you against all winds. We drop anchor for the night in 12 meters of water, surrounded by around 15 other yachts.