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Welcome sailor!

'Sailing: The fine art of getting wet and becoming ill, while slowly going nowhere at great expense'


You are a sailor and planning to go to the Adriatic Sea, more specific the Croatian Coast? This website contains my experiences sailing along the Croatian coast. Please look around and explore! Since our start in January 2004 we had more than 400.000 visitors.

The Croatian coast is generally considered to be the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea. Well over one thousand islands, of which not even one hundred are inhabited, with beautiful lonely bays, make the area perfect for adventure cruising. Thus, it is not surprising that the Croatian coast is becoming more and more popular for cruising.


Sailing Trips

Reports from our trips along the Croatian coast between 2003 and 2011.<


Climate, Weather & Wind

Useful information about the climate, the weather conditions that can be expected and especially the various kinds of wind that you will experience while sailing along the Croatian coast.


Nautical Maps

Everything you need to know about the Croatian nautical maps.