Hvar – Korčula

This morning’s newspaper brings an article on a yacht sinking near Žirje in heavy weather yesterday. Its crew washed ashore on Žirje. We passed that same spot on our third day, under very different (and more comfortable) circumstances. A night like the last one, combined with such a message, does remind you that the sea should be taken seriously at all times.

Around 10:00 CET we leave the harbour of Hvar. Together with most other yachts, since the swell remains a source of discomfort there. Bura is blowing from the north-east, 10 knots, and increases steadily to 20 knots (5 Beaufort) over the following hours. There is quite some swell and beautiful crests on the waves. Both the genua and mainsail are reefed when we pass Šćedro. Before 14:00 CET we pass Pločica lighthouse, which is between Hvar and Korčula. The wind calms a bit to 15 knots from the north-east, and the reefs can be taken out of the sails. Pelješac is appearing on the horizon, and because of yesterday’s rain we have a very clear view.

When sailing into Pelješki Kanal, the channel between Pelješac and Korčula, around 15:00 CET, the wind turns to south-east (Jugo). Straight on our bow again, so there is not a lot of sailing to be done. We do some tacking, but when wind speed decreases to 4 knots there is not much fun in that either. Thus we motor towards Korčula.

After two sleepless nights in Vinogradisce and Hvar I am dying for a good night of sleep. Thus, we do not anchor in one of the bays around Korčula, but we go for the marina instead. We arrive around 17:00 CET. In this harbour we also find back Tamara, the yacht that we sailed last year. This year’s crew is a group of Australians that sails the Croatian coast for a couple of weeks.

That evening we have dinner in Adio Mare, a local restaurant. It looks a bit like a pirate hole. Harrrrrr!!!! The food is good as well.