At Sea

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Steady routine. On watch from 0300 – 0500 and 0900 – 1100. The watches were quiet, keeping an eye on the shipping traffic, especially the fishermen. Their courses are less predictable than the courses of the large freighters we see pass along the horizon. Trying to get some sleep in between watches, and waking up with the smell of freshly baked pancakes and with dolphins swimming around our boat again… We find the 2 hours on 4 hours off schedule more comfortable than the earlier 3 hours on 6 hours off.

In the morning the wind changes to south-south-west, 15 knots. That is on our bow, straight from the direction where we need to go. Therefore, we have no other choice than starting the engine.

During our afternoon watch, all of a sudden the engine of our ship stops. Fortunately, the wind has just turned to south-east, 12 – 15 knots, so we just hoisted the sails anyway. After some searching, we find the likely cause. The boat has two diesel tanks. After one was empty, and before the system switched to the other tank, the engine probably gulped in some air. We drain the engine and ten minutes later the engine is again in a working condition.

Risotto in the evening. Who ever said that food on board can not be nice…?

We expect to arrive in Malta somewhere during the early hours of the morning. Pending weather, ship and crew conditions…